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Stanly Gaines - Personal Statement
Throughout my career (including my years as a PhD student in Texas and as a lecturer in California), I have gravitated toward positions of setvice within organisations that defend the rights of academicians. After relocating to the UK, I joined a predecessor to UCU (i.e., the AUT) after it became apparent that, at that time, restructuring efforts at Brunel did not involve collective consultation. Over time, various UCU caseworkers supported me as I sought to defend my own rights at Brunel; and I returned the favour by undergoing training to become a caseworker in my own right. After taking on the role of Equality and Diversity Officer within our Branch, I was elected President/Chair of the Branch in 2015 and have served in that capacity during tumultuous times at Brunel (e.g., USS pensions issue, various restructuring efforts) over the past three years.